Kaunas’ Growing Business Awards (lith. Kauno augančio verslo apdovanojimai)

Kaunas’ Growing Business Awards (lith. Kauno augančio verslo apdovanojimai)

“In the Kaunas’ Growing Business Awards (K.A.V.A.), YIT Lietuva became the first best developer and winner of Kaunas Real Estate for its courageous transformation of the abandoned bank of the Neris River into a new, modern city center with a quay conveniently adapted for citizens’ leisure time.

A few years ago, before YIT Lietuva started to build the Piliamiestis district, the Neris River bank in front of Kaunas Castle was abandoned, overgrown with scrubland, therefore poorly visited, although it offers one of the most beautiful panoramic view of the city.

The urban project of the Piliamiestis gave a new impulse to the development of the city; pedestrian and bicycle paths were built here, the protective embankment of the river was installed as an amphitheatre adapted for recreation and Brastos Street was reconstructed. After the residential district is established, a new business center will appear here, breathing more life and diversity into the resurgent place of Kaunas.

Last year, Piliamiestis was also awarded the statuette of the best residential project in the only election of the best real estate project ‘For Sustainable Development’ (lith.„Už darnią plėtrą“).“

The nomination ‘Kaunas’ Real Estate Developer of the Year‘ is presented by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association; it is intended for the real estate developers, developing projects in Kaunas based on the principles of sustainable development and co-operation, creating added value for the city.

The winners were selected by a ten-member commission set up of representatives of associated business organizations, the media and the self-government. “