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YIT Kausta group‘s companies‘ (AB „YIT Kausta“, UAB „YIT Kausta būstas“) (hereinafter referred to as – Companies) privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as – Privacy Policy) provides for basic Rules for Collection, Storing and Processing of Personal Data and Other Information Important for the Person by virtue of using website (hereinafter referred to as – Websites) by the user.

Each time You visit our Websites and perform certain actions there, You agree with the Company’s actions described in this Privacy Policy. The Company is entitled to change the Privacy Policy, therefore, we recommend You read it at our Websites from time to time so that You get familiarized with the latest updates.




By specifying Your personal data at the Websites, You clearly and unequivocally confirm that the personal information provided for the purposes of registration at these Websites and related to the Websites may be transferred to YIT group companies‘ servers located abroad.

The companies are guided by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on legal protection of personal data and have registered their customers‘ databases in the State Register of Personal Data Managers.

We ensure protection of personal data provided by a user at the Websites from any illegal actions: illegal personal data changing, disclosure or cancellation, personal identity theft, fraud and correspondence of the personal data protection level to the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Your personal data is used for the following purposes: sales management by virtue of a specialized general computer (internet) program: centralized data for conclusion of contracts of sale and purchase, contracts‘ of sale and purchase settlements management, conclusion of certificates of transfer and acceptance of property, fulfillment of contractual guarantee obligations, property administration. Upon receipt of Your consent, these data will be also used for contacting You by e-mail or phone for direct marketing purposes, to inform You and receive Your feedback regarding prospective projects, services and (or) advertising.

Our Websites have links to websites of other persons, companies or organizations. Please note that our company is not liable for such websites‘ contents or privacy ensuring principles. So if You open other websites after clicking a link from this Website, please learn about their privacy policy.




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